Crowns and bridges help improve your smile

If you have damaged teeth, large cavities or have had a root canal, you may need a dental crown as this will help with strength and stability of the tooth. Crowns are basically a restorative treatment that can prevent these teeth from incurring further damage and breakage. A dental crown sits over an existing tooth, covering the entire structure above the gum line of the tooth. A crown seals the damaged area and allows for normal function to the tooth. It also looks and feels like a natural tooth.

When one or two teeth are missing between teeth, a dental bridge can be used to replace them. Dental bridges can help restore your natural smile and restore the missing chewing or biting surface of the teeth. The adjacent teeth are filed down, and a dental bridge is placed on top, supporting an artificial tooth in the middle. This can help fill in a gap where a tooth is missing from decay, trauma or periodontal disease.