Restore your tooth to it’s former function

To understand root canal treatments, it helps to know a little about tooth anatomy. When you look in the mirror, what you see is the tooth’s crown. The portion hidden beneath the gum line is called the root. The root is made of a hard tissue called dentin. In the middle of each root runs a hair-thin channel called “the root canal,” which houses the pulp of the teeth. The pulp is made up of soft tissue and nerves. If a person has decay that reaches the pulp, if there is trauma, or if there is a deep filling near the pulp, a root canal treatment may be needed. The pulp is needed during tooth development, however, once the tooth is mature, the pulp is no longer needed.

During root canal therapy, the inflamed or infected pulp is carefully cleaned and the canals are shaped, then filled and sealed. It may take a few weeks for the symptoms to fully resolve after which, a crown or other permanent restoration is placed to restore the tooth to its full function.